Gance’s Complete Catering has been building relationships with local and national companies to provide on-site food service to those in need when a natural disaster strikes.

We also offer services to large companies that need food service for on-site workers. 24/7 365 Meals can be provided.

During the record flooding across Broome and Tioga Counties in 2006 and 2011, Gance’s helped provide over 3000 meals for utility workers, first responders, FEMA agents and local residents.

Also in 2011, Gance’s went on the road to Bridgeport, CT to aid Connecticut Light and Power workers, while they helped to restore power after destructive early season record snow falls. Our team worked around the clock to provide over five hundred meals each day for ten days to hundreds of employees.

For more information on what services we can provide, please call, or fill out the CONNECT form

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